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    Here you will find places on the Internet having to do with the writing profession. Be sure to let us know if you happen upon a site you feel should be listed. Just Email us the URL and we'll check it out.

    1) Screenplays: is a way to easily find books available on the writing profession.

    2) Writing Contests: is where you will find many sites that offer novice writers a chance to showcase their talents and win great prizes.

    3) Screenplays - Monologues - Plays: is our very own page for finding FREE screenplays, monologues and plays on the Internet.

    Cool Links for Writers

    NOTE: Click [RDL] if you find a dead link and hit SEND. Thanks.

    Final Draft - Advertisement
    Get the software you need to format your screenplays into the industry standard. Final Draft is a self-contained word processor specifically designed for writing screenplays used in movies, TV, and theatrical plays. Final Draft scriptwriting software formats screenplays and teleplays to industry standards, tracking pagination and organizing the storage of character names, scene headings, and transitions.

    Atlantis Studios - [RDL]
    If you always wanted to see the vision in your head translated onto paper in a visual format, then you have to drop by Atlantis Studios. They have the most amazing artists available for doing cover art, storyboards, web comics and more, all for a reasonable price. Check them out. You will be amazed.

    MoviePitch: Sell Your Idea To Hollywood - [RDL]
    If you have an idea for a story but don't want the hassle of finding an agent and so on, check out this Site. It may be for you.

    The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare - [RDL]
    Every writer and actor should have this Site bookmarked.

    Zoetrope Virtual - [RDL]
    Yes this really is the Zeotrope of Francis Ford Coppola fame. Two scripts have already been optioned from this site. However, before you can submit your script, you are required to read and critique four screenplays. A great concept with great feedback. Best of all, it's FREE!

    The Screenplayers - [RDL]
    Another great site to get info on breaking into the screenwriting business.

    Hollywood Lit Sales - [RDL]
    Many features on this site are free. Here film and television producers can post their "Wish List" for the types of material they are looking for. Generally however, producers can be very, very vague as to what they are looking for, so at times the "Wish List" can be frustrating. You can also submit your screenplay idea so that producers can see what you have available.

    Script Shark - [RDL]
    Don't let the name fool you. They won't eat you up and spit out the bones. For a "fee" you can have your screenplay read and critiqued by an industry professional. Is that important? Yes. Before your script can ever make it to the desk of Ron Howard, it goes through a reader, and if the reader feels it falls short, then you'll only be seeing Ron in Happy Days reruns.

    Hollywood Script Analysis - [RDL]
    This site offers solid critiques and personal service - and isn't a coverage factory. The site owner, Sam, has been doing coverage for years for such companies as Icon, IEG, Imagine, Showtime, and Interscope. He is also a writer and member of WGAw.

    Writers Guild Of Canada - [RDL]
    A great place to register your screenplays. Requires a fee of $20.00 CAN for five (5) years.

    Writers Guild Of America - [RDL]
    A great place to register your screenplays. Requires a fee of $20.00 US for five (5) years.

    Preditors & Editors - [RDL]
    A good place to find out which agents to watch out for. Look under their "agents" link to see who the scoundrels are.

    Austin Film Resource - [RDL]
    This non-profit site is a comprehensive directory for the Austin, TX filmmaking community, but it has lots of content applicable to other regions as well - template and software downloads, film news, discussion forums, and more

    Without A Box - [RDL]
    Cool One-Stop Resource and Assitance website for those looking to break into the Film Industry. Worth checking out.

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