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    We at Thespian Net like to keep things simple. The rules for adding a link to your fansite are as follows:

    1) Your Site has to provide more than a list of links to other sites or only links for buying videos. It MUST have original content such as: Bios, photos, articles, chatrooms, etc... Having these guidelines assures that our visitors will only be sent to quality sites.

    2) Your Site cannot contain any pornographic or sexually explicit material including direct links or advertising to and for such sites.

    3) Your Site cannot contain any hate or racist content aimed towards any group of people or individual.

    4) Your Site cannot contain nudity, even if the celebrity did a nude scene in a movie.

    5) Your Site can only be listed ONE time unless it contains more than one celebrity. In that case you may list it under each individual celebrity if they each have a unique URL.

    This is okay:

    My Ben Affleck Site

    My Jennifer Lopez Site

    This is NOT okay:

    My Ben Affleck Site

    My Jennifer Lopez Site

    Also, you are NOT to list every page of your Site if the content is for a single celebrity. This is a no-no.

    6) Your Site cannot be a resume. We mean it. We check all sites submitted and if you submit a resume site, you will not be added to Thespian Net at all. So. With that said, you may submit your resume website at our Online Resume page.

    7) You should include a description. For example:

      Grunge's Ben Affleck Fan Page
      A crazy guy's look at one of the greatest actors of the new generation of Hollywood.

    We will gleefully reject such sites. They are annoying! What is a mirror site? Two sites that are exactly the same but have different URLs. If we catch you, we'll remove BOTH of your listings. Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!

    9) Your site must be operational and not be in a "Coming Soon" status.

    10) You must link back to us from a page on your site which can easily be accessed. We not only check the linkback page you provide, we also go to your homepage to see if we can easily find the linkback page. We must see our link is on your site before link back to your site. Unfortunately, this has become necessary since many fans just don't bother linking back to us. It's simple. If you can't be bothered, we can't be bothered.

    11) You can run ads on your site, but if you have more than 2 PopUps, you will not be listed.

    Your site will be reviewed before being added.


    1) Why hasn't my site been added?
    You will not be added if you missed or are in violation of one of the above Rules & Regulations. Read them over carefully.


    There were technical problems when it was visited for review, such as your pictures not working, or the site could not be accessed. Or...There were far too many PopUp ads [more than 2 per page and you won't be added]

    2) When will my site be added?
    Sites are added twice a month depending on volume of submissions.

    3) How do I change the URL of a site I already have listed?
    Click on the [report] beside your site listing, and in the body of the email let us know the new URL. This is the only way we fix broken links.

    4) I found a disgusting site in your listings. How do I report it?
    If you happen to visit one of the Sites listed in our Fansite Listings and the content has either changed or now contains nudity, or pornographic/adult themed material, click on the [report] button beside the offending link and in the BODY of the email let us know the problem. Thank you for your help and cooperation in this important matter.

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