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      MacDowell, Andie
      MacLaine, Shirley
      MacMillan, Jennifer
      Marceau, Sophie
      March, Jane
      Margulies, Julianna
      Marshall, Paula
      Martin, Kellie
      Masterson, Mary Stuart
      Matlin, Marlee
      May, Jodhi
      Mazur, Monet

      McCarthy, Jenny
      McCrory, Helen
      McEntire, Reba
      McDormand, Frances
      McFadden, Gates
      McGillis, Kelly
      McGowan, Rose
      McGraw, Ali
      McKenzie, Jacqueline
      McKeon, Nancy

      Meara, Anne
      Mendes, Eva
      Merkinson, S. Epatha
      Messing, Debra
      Messner, Tammy Fake Bakker
      Meyer, Dina

      Michaels, Tammy Lynn
      Michele, Michael
      Michelle, Julianne
      Midler, Bette
      Milano, Alyssa
      Miller, Ann
      Miller, Karen
      Miller, Penelope Ann
      Mills, Donna
      Minnick, Dani
      Mitchell, Beverly
      Mitchell, Elizabeth

      Moll, Gretchen
      Moreno, Rita
      Moore, Demi
      Moore, Julianne
      Moore, Mandy
      Moore, Mary Tyler
      Moriarty, Cathy
      Moss, Carrie-Anne

      Mullally, Megan
      Munro, Janet
      Murphy, Brittany
      Muth, Ellen

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