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  • BRAD PITT [William Bradley Pitt]

    December 18, 1963
    Shawnee, Oklahoma

    The man we know as Brad Pitt is actually William Bradley Pitt. His parents, Bill and Jane Pitt, lived in Shawnee, OK when their first child was born. Bill worked for a trucking company; Jane was a school counselor.
          Young Brad and his parents moved to Springfield, MO, the city Brad calls home. Two siblings, Doug and Julie, completed the family. Brad grew up with conservative Christian values which are seen in his life and reputation today: a strong belief in family and maintaining friendships; kindness and generosity; self-effacing and considerate. Even though everyone who knows Brad comments on his smarts and ability to learn quickly, school wasn't about education. At Kickapoo High School, Brad preferred the tennis and debating teams to the typical subjects. His love of singing found an outlet in the school choir as his secret desire of movie stardom got fueled in theater pro- ductions.
          College at the University of Missouri was more about dating and fraternity antics than studying advertising and graphic design. His glowing smile and shy demeanor are remembered as irresistible to the girls he met and even the teachers who tried to interest him in his studies. But fame and fortune wouldn't wait. Just before graduation, Brad broke ranks and left school. With a few hundred dollars and his aptly named Datsun, "Runaround Sue", the future Golden Boy drove West to Hollywood.
          Like the other thousands of young hopefuls who land in Los Angeles every year, Brad worked odd jobs and shared an apartment with half a dozen guys. Every spare dollar went to pay for acting lessons with his first teacher and coach, Roy London. Unless you are inclined to watching reruns of "Dallas", "Growing Pains", "Head of the Class", or "21 Jump Street", you won't see Brad's early efforts at acting. Occasionally his early movies are seen on obscure cable movie channels; but he would rather you not waste your time watching!
          Most fans do remember the first time they really took notice of that seductive smile and those distinctive abdominal muscles; in 1991's "Thelma and Louise". Moviegoers didn't know the name of the young actor, but they didn't forget the scenes with Geena Davis and that hitchhiker! Brad Pitt's career was launched.
          Brad is known for accepting unusual parts whether in major or supporting roles. In "True Romance" he played a drug addict, "12 Monkeys" a schizophrenic, "Kalifornia" a psychopathic killer, and "Fight Club" a nihilistic street fighter. Which type does Brad prefer? He would rather that fans and critics focus on his acting ability than on his natural beauty.
    Photo © unknown

    Bio by Vicki Shinoda from Brad Pitt Zone.

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    - Troy (2004)
    - To the White Sea (2002)
    - The Spy Game (2001)
    - The Mexican (2001)
    - Ocean's Eleven (2001)
    - Snatch (2000)
    - Fight Club (1999)
    - Meet Joe Black (1998)
    - The Dark Side of the Sun (1997)
    - The Devil's Own (1997)
    - Seven Years in Tibet (1997)
    - Sleepers (1996)
    - Seven (1995)
    - Twelve Monkeys (1995)
    - Interview with the Vampire (1994)
    - The Favor (1994)
    - Legends of the Fall (1994)
    - True Romance (1993)
    - Kalifornia (1993)
    - Cool World (1992)
    - Johnny Suede (1992)
    - Contact (1992)
    - A River Runs Through It (1992)
    - Thelma & Louise (1991)
    - Across the Tracks (1991)
    - Glory Days (1990) [TV]
    - Too Young to Die? (1990) [TV]
    - The Image (1990) [TV]
    - Cutting Class (1989)
    - Happy Together (1989)
    - A Stoning in Fulham County (88) [TV]
    - Less Than Zero (1987)
    - No Man's Land (1987)


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