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    November 13, 1954
    Madison, Wisconsin

    The youngest of three brothers, Chris Noth was born in Madison, Wisconson on November 13,1954. The name "Noth" rhymes with "both" not "moth" and is Alsatian in origin. His mother is former CBS reporter Jeanne Parr. His father was Charles Noth. In his youth Chris traveled and lived in England, Yugoslavia and Spain with his mother and admits to being quite a handful as a child. No doubt acting was the obvious choice for the mischevious Chris.
          Chris attended Malboro College and studied with Stanford Meisner before graduating from Yale Drama. His very first film appearance was in "OffBeat" as Ely Warham and he continued to do small parts in movies like "Smithereens", "Baby Boom", and the mini series, "I'll Take Manhattan" until his first feature role in the film "Jakarta". In 1989 he was offered the role for which he has become best known, the good-looking streetwise NYPD Detective Mike Logan on "Law & Order" (1990 - 1995).
          Since leaving "Law & Order", Chris has appeared in numerous TV movies playing a wide vaiety of roles. In "Abducted: A Father's Love" he plays Larry Coster, a man totally unprepared for fatherhood who kidnaps his daughter to protect her from a neglectful mother. In "Medusa's Child" Chris plays Tony DeStephano, an FBI bigwig with with a crew, a bomb and a plane over the ocean and all he has to do is help them get back on the ground safely. In "With Harmful Intent" he plays the murderous psycho Dr. Mitchell Ferris. It's a thoroughly creepy performance. And after three years of fan mail and internet clamoring, "Exiled", which he co-wrote with long time friend, Charlie Kipps, aired in November of 1998. It is Det. Mike Logan's return, although brief, to his old precinct.
          He has done stage work that includes an early performance in "Hamlet", "Arms and The Man", "Patronage" and a recording of "The Heiress" with Amy Irving for LA Theaterworks.
          Chris has appeared in several independent films. In "Burnzy's Last Call"(with "L&O" castmate Carolyn McCormick, Dr. Liz Olivet) He plays an over wrought stock broker named Kevin. "The Broken Giant" (Directed by Estep Nagy) finds him playing an ill educated trouble maker named Jack Frey. And "Cold Around The Heart" (with ex-"NYPD Blue" cast member David Caruso) he plays "T" a very "cold" criminal who helps his jewel hiesting buddy track down his double crossing girlfriend.
          He has done numerous audiobooks, most recently "Kiss The Girls", "The Thriteenth Juror" and "Saving Faith".
          Chris now plays "Mr.Big", the on again off again love interest of sassy sexy Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) on HBO's Award winning "Sex And The City" for which he received his first Golden Globe nomination for best actor. He is in negotiations to write and star in a series for CBS and to do a TV movie for them as well.
          Most recently Chris has appeared in several independent films. He plays a gambler named Sonny in "Getting To Know You" with Bebe Neuwerth. He appears in "A Texas Funeral" with Martin Sheen, "Pigeon Holed" with Rosanna Arquette and in a fourth movie," Searching for Paradise" in which he plays an actor who is pursued by an obsessed fan. USA Networks plans to air "Getting To Know You" on their cable network sometime this year and it is currently showing on the Sundance channel. "A Texas Funeral" is now making the rounds of the film festivals.
          After 15 years of acting, Chris Noth has built up a body of entertaining performances and carved out a niche for himself as a man of a million faces and personalities. The viewer gets lost in watching him, seduced by the fantasy he presents. Which is, by definition, what acting is supposed to be.
          Chris is unmarried and lives in New York City where he is the co-owner of a night club called "The Cutting Room" which features live music in the FlatIron District.
    Photo © TV Guide

    Bio contributed by: Virginia Chiasson

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    - Caesar (2002) [STV]
    - Sudden Fear (2002) [TV]
    - Searching for Paradise (2002)
    - The Nightclub Years (2001) [TV]
    - The Glass House (2001)
    - The Judge (2001) [TV]
    - Double Whammy (2001)
    - Cast Away (2000)
    - The Acting Class (2000)
    - Pigeon Holed (1999)
    - Texas Funeral (1999)
    - The Confession (1999)
    - Getting to Know You (1999)
    - Exiled (1998) [TV]
    - Sex and the City (1998) [TV]
    - The Broken Giant (1998)
    - Medusa's Child (1997) [TV]
    - Cold Around the Heart (1997)
    - The Deli (1997)
    - Rough Riders (1997) [TV]
    - Abducted: A Father's Love (96)[TV]
    - Born Free: A New Adventure (96)[TV]
    - Nothing Lasts Forever (1995) [TV]
    - Burnzy's Last Call (1995)
    - Where Are My Children? (1994) [TV]
    - Naked in New York (1994)
    - With Harmful Intent (1993) [TV]
    - Law & Order (1990-95) [TV]
    - Jakarta (1988)
    - I'll Take Manhattan (1987) [TV]
    - At Mother's Request (1987) [TV]
    - Baby Boom (1987)
    - Apology (1986) [TV]
    - Killer in the Mirror (1986) [TV]
    - Off Beat (1986)
    - Smithereens (1982)
    - Cutter's Way (1981)


    - The Best Man (2000)


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