MATT LEBLANC biography

      Named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People by People Magazine in 2000, five foot eleven Matt Leblanc, an only child, started life on the complete flipside of acting. After receiving his first motorcycle at eight, Matt began participating in various competitions with hopes of racing professionally. But he soon ran into a roadblock...his mother, whom he adores and is quoted as saying of, "My mother is the most important thing in my life. I'm a mummy's boy and proud of it. Girlfriends come and go, but she's always there for me. All my drive and inspiration comes from my mum." His mother's concern prompted Matt to find a different outlet for his talents. At first he trained for a career in carpentry, but ultimately decided to become an actor.
      After graduating from Newton North High School, LeBlanc set his sights on making a life for himself in New York City. With $3,000 in his pocket from selling his truck, he made the move. To pay the bills he tried his hand at modeling, but it wasn't for Matt; "Modeling's all about the clothes anyway," he has told reporters. "I didn't want to stand still all day having my picture taken just to show off a jacket." Matt apparently wanted the spotlight. Eventually commercials were added to his resume and by 1987 he had obtained parts in national spots for such products as Levi's 501 jeans, Coca-Cola and Doritos. He also appeared in a Heinz Ketchup spot that won the prestigious Gold Lion Award at the 1987 Cannes Film Festival.
      In 1988, Matt began formal training for life of a thespian. Within a year he landed a starring role on the television series TV 101 and relocated to Los Angeles. Since then his television credits have included starring roles on Top of the Heap and Vinnie & Bobby and in the TV movie Anything to Survive, opposite Robert Conrad. But he struck gold when he was cast in the mega hit TV series Friends.
      In addition to acting, LeBlanc enjoys working on his own cars and motorcycles, which include a Pantera race car, parachute jumping, car racing, landscape photography and playing with his dogs. He currently lives in Los Angeles.

Bio written by K. Kamarauskas © 2000 - [please let us know of any errors]

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