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      Cage, Nicolas
      Cagney, James
      Cain, Dean
      Caine, Michael
      Cameron, Kirk
      Campbell, Bill
      Campbell, Bruce
      Candy, John
      Carlin, George
      Carlyle, Robert
      Carradine, David
      Carrey, Drew
      Carrey, Jim
      Carrillo, Fernando
      Carter, Jason
      Caruso, David
      Casella, Max
      Casey, Ben
      Casnoff, Philip
      Cassidy, David
      Cavanagh, Tom
      Caviezel, Jim

      Celi, Adolfo

      Chaplin, Charlie
      Chan, Jackie
      Chandler, Kyle
      Charles, Josh
      Chase, Chevy
      Chase, David
      Cheadle, Don
      Chestnut, Morris
      Chianese, Dominic
      Chiklis, Michael
      Cho, John
      Chong, Marcus
      Chow, Yun-Fat
      Christensen, Hayden

      Cleese, John
      Clift, Montgomery
      Clooney, George
      Close, Eric

      Coburn, James
      Cohen, Scott
      Cole, Gary
      Coleman, Gary
      Collins, Stephen
      Conant, Sean
      Conaway, Jeff
      Connery, Sean
      Connick, Harry, Jr.
      Connor, Toy
      Conrad, William
      Cook, Ben
      Cooke, Keith H. [aka: Keith Cooke Hirabayashi]
      Cool J, LL
      Cooper, Gary
      Cooper, Jeff
      Corbett, John
      Corri, Nick [aka: Jsu Garcia]
      Cosby, Bill
      Costner, Kevin
      Cox, Brian
      Coyote, Peter

      Craig, Daniel
      Crawford, Michael
      Crenna, Richard
      Crombie, Jonathan
      Cromwell, James
      Cross, Ben
      Crowe, Russell
      Crudup, Billy
      Cruise, Tom
      Crystal, Billy

      Csokas, Martin

      Cube, Ice
      Culkin, Macaulay
      Culp, Robert
      Culp, Steven
      Cumming, Alan
      Cummings, Bob [Robert]
      Curry, Tim
      Cusack, John

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