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    A comprehensive guide to New York Acting Schools.

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      Stetson Studio - [RDL]
      Objective: Stetson Studio provides quality training for the professional and pre-professional actor based in the Meisner technique. At Stetson Studio actors find the depth of their talent in order to respond to the human and artistic demands of each new role.
      Location: New York

      The Jason Bennett Actor’s Workshop [Flash] - [RDL]
      The Jason Bennett Actor's Workshop provides award-winning, intense training for film, television and theater. Jason Bennett was Runner-Up for Best Acting Coach in New York in 2010. Merely entertaining an audience is not enough, we train actors and singers to give performances remembered for a life-time. Imagine audience members feeling alive again experiencing the magic and mystery of your amazing performance. This requires a deep commitment to artistry. Our New York Acting School is a home for beginner and advanced professional New York Actors and Musical Theater performers. We offer a One Year Program, Classes, Workshops and Private Coaching.
      Location: New York

      Visionary Acting Training Intensive - [RDL]
      Objective: Visionary Acting Training is a weekend workshop for actors of all experience levels where we focus on group and individual exercises combining vocal and emotional exploration, along with music and movement. Students are taught the fundamentals of these techniques and then guided through the process of applying them. Visionary Acting Training takes place in New York City one weekend a month and is also presented in other cities across the country.
      Location: New York

      Agent Mania [Flash] - [RDL]
      Objective: 15 Agents, Managers, Casting Directors, and Professionals from the Industry at each showcase. Where agents and managers find talent! Each actor will receive a written detailed analysis from each agent and manager Meet the Pro's. 6 hour workshop offered before and after the showcase. Atlanta, Ga. and New York City. [This is a Workshop Program]
      Location: New York

      ACTeen--Acting for Teens - [RDL]
      Objective: ACTeen (est. 1978) is the nation's first on-camera acting academy developed for teens (ages 13 to 19). ACTeen develops dedicated pre-professionals into technically proficient, versatile, and marketable actors. Combining theatrical discipline (and over 15 electives) with spontaneous, effective on-camera acting techniques and courses, students learn to successfully perform both film and theater media with skill and professionalism.
      Location: New York

      International Theatre New York - [RDL]
      Objective: Under the guidance of Artistic Director Robert Castle, actors at International Theatre New York enjoy individualized attention, small class size and the opportunity for performance in Company stage and film productions. This year ITNY students have been featured on Sex and the City, Law and Order, Third Watch and numerous independent films.
      Location: New York

      Ensemble Studio Theatre's / Master Classes - [RDL]
      Objective: Cultivate your acting and writing skills with professional and award winning Master Teachers films.
      Location: New York

      That Commercial Class - [RDL]
      Objective: "A hands on Commercial class where students are on camera each week & get to audition for a Top Five New York agent." The class consists of 6 weeks where you get the information you could get all on your own from about 5 years of trial & error in the commercial business. Along with all the basics of Who's Who in the commercial world, How to join SAG, How to get an Agent, etc. you will be on camera, working with real copy from commercials every week. The feedback that you get from me, your fellow students (many of whom are working in the bus. at one level or another) and most importantly, SEEING yourself on camera will prepare you so that you will be ready the first time an agent sends you out for a national spot. The class is a safe environment where you will be encouraged to learn and make mistakes- better to make them here than on that first audition through a new agent where they will call the Casting Director and ask for feedback. The final week of the session you will audition for & get a chance to talk with a Top Five New York Commercial Agent who has been in the business for over 20 years with one of the biggest agencies in the business & is a wonderful person.
      Location: New York

      Theatrelab - [RDL]
      Objective: Theatrelab is a new theatre school dedicated to the actor as the central artist in establishing a fresh ground for the theatre proper. Our classes begin with a rigorous biomechanics physical training course entitled The Thinking Body. Actors then move on to our Soliloquy, Scene Study, Collective Creation and Directing classes. All classes are showcase driven; each class concludes with a performance to an invited audience. Please visit our website for more information.
      Location: New York

      The Art of Acting / Breaking Into Acting for Dummies / Acting: Make It Your Business
      An Agent Tells All / The Ultimate Audition Book / Acting Is Everything

      Michael Howard Studios - [RDL]
      Objective: Since he began the Michael Howard Studios in 1953, Michael Howard, a veteran of the Neighborhood Playhouse and member of Actors Studio, has retained his core belief that there is no single "method" of acting, that all actors must be exposed to a wide array of skills and processes in order to develop their own method. Michael Howard Studios offers actor training of the highest caliber, taught by experts who are not only well-versed in the long traditions of their craft, but professionals, innovators and artists in their own right, eager to guide and mentor today's professional actor through the demands and possibility of the new century. We offer ongoing text and scene study classes (monthly enrollment); specialized weekly and intensive workshops; and professional conservatory programs.
      Location: New York

      Craig Archibald Studio - [RDL]
      Objective: The focus of my work as a coach is to prepare actors and actresses for the real world of the industry. From the reality of the business side to the importance of their technique and craft I coach my clients to be prepared for any situation they may come upon and to remain "living truthfully under imaginary circumstances" at all times. I do not teach a specific method but rather use all the methods to make my clients as good as their potential allows. "Craig is the best secret weapon an actor can have." Terry Kinney (co-creator of the Steppenwolf Theater Co.) Private and class sessions are both available at my studio in the West Village of New York City.
      Location: New York

      Aquila Theatre Company - [RDL]
      Objective: We offer a wide variety of acting classes.
      Location: New York

      Tragic Improv - [RDL]
      Objective: This program is perfect for both improvisers and actors. If you're an improviser, you'll learn some new tools and expand your range. If you love improv, but feel constrained to shallow scenes in comic classes, then this class is a good fit. If you're a traditional actor, this class will make your work more spontaneous and natural. Unlike most improv, we won't focus on witty exchanges of dialogue. Instead, we'll focus on emotional relationships, character development, group mind, stage presence, realism, and staying in the moment. With a samll class size of 12, each student will receive individual attention. Every performer works differently, and the class is designed to recognize and expand each student's unique abilities.
      Location: New York

      biz kids ny inc. - [RDL]
      Objective: biz kids ny inc. is a conservatory style school specializing in the Professional Training of Young Actors. Commercials, film, television, theater. Mask, Lecoq, Grotowski, Stanislavki, Shakespeare, Musical theater and contemporary theater.
      Location: New York

      Studio Upstairs - [RDL]
      Objective: Michael Chekhov Acting Playshop®: The Art of Inner Movement With this technique, the actor learns how to consider his body as an instrument for expressing his creative imagination. Chekhov’s practical approach enables actors to tap into their active imaginations and creative impulses. The result is inspired acting. MCP’s ensemble style creates a safe and fun environment for actors to learn and explore together.

      Improv/Chekhov Playshop®: Finding and Following The Impulse This unique workshop is designed for improvisers with any level of experience and offers the artist new ways to be more creative and spontaneous on stage. Participants will work with the key concepts of the Keith Johnstone technique then augment these skills with the powerful and creative approach of Michael Chekhov technique.
      Location: New York

      The New Actors Workshop - [RDL]
      Objective: The New Actors Workshop was founded in 1988 by Mike Nichols, George Morrison and Paul Sills to offer to a new generation the twin influences that determined the course of their careers. It is a two-year, full-time training with equal weight given to Performance Improvisation technique as developed by Viola Spolin (Paul Sills' mother) including weekly performances, and Stanislavski Method scene work as taught by Lee Strasberg. The program includes extensive work on voice, speech, and three different approaches to the body. We are small -- less than 50 students -- ensuring individual attention and continuity of instructors.
      Location: New York

      Actors Movement Studio Summer Theater - [RDL]
      Objective: The curriculum includes a variety of physically based acting techniques and is specifically designed to develop the actor’s Imagination, voice and body, the total Instrument. Students will be immersed in an intensive program with Internationally acclaimed Master Teachers and Guest Artists while surrounded by the cultural abundance of NYC. Our Faculty has taught at major universities, studios and conservatories. Located in the heart of Manhattan’s theatre district, students will experience the professional atmosphere of the performing arts capital of the world. College credit and Affordable student housing is available.
      Location: New York - Manhattan

      The Elizabeth Browning Studio - [RDL]
      Objective: Basic Acting Techniques: This is an excellent class for anyone who is new to acting; for anyone who interested in finding out more about what is involved in acting and for the seasoned performer who wants to brush up on the basics. Classes begins Thursday, October 19th. Basic Acting Skills for Teens I: This is an excellent class for teens who are ready to dive in and begin exploring the elements that go powerful acting. Classes begins Saturday, October 21st
      Location: New York City

      The Stella Adler Studio of Acting - [RDL]
      Objective: Since 1949, the Stella Adler Studio of Acting has been one of the premiere acting schools in New York City. Offering a wide range of acting classes and acting programs, the studio aims to embody Stella Adler’s primary belief, that growth as an actor and growth as a human being are synonymous. A world class faculty coupled with the Harold Clurman Art Series, the Stella Adler Outreach Division and many other Studio programs are designed to work together to support the belief that the actor is an ever evolving human being. All programs, curricular and extra-curricular, support a single vision of actor training based on the insight that growth as actor and growth as a human being are synonymous. This conviction informs all that the Studio does, from classroom projects to curriculum to poetry readings and jazz and classical music concerts and beyond.
      Location: New York City

      A Class Act NY - [RDL]
      Objective: at A Class Act NY, Acting Studio. We offer kids and teens weekend workshops in Manhattan. All of our workshops have students working with Broadway Stars along side NYC's Top casting directors and agents. It is a rare and unique opportunity for kids to get a level of training not available at other acting studios. At A CLASS ACT we strive to build a child’s self-esteem in a non-threatening, non-competitive atmosphere. All workshops and classes are held in Midtown Manhattan.
      Location: New York City

      William Esper Studio - [RDL]
      Objective: The William Esper Studio offers one of the most comprehensive training programs in the country for professional actors, and is considered the foremost studio dedicated to Meisner-based actor training. The core training at the studio is the two-year acting program, which guides the actor to a full realization of self and the building of a truthful acting instrument. Students supplement this core training with a full range of complimentary courses focused on developing their physical, vocal and interpretive abilities.
      Location: New York City

      The Actors' Enterprise - [RDL]
      Objective: The Actors' Enterprise is a one on one coaching service for actors in New York City and beyond. TAE focuses on the business of being an actor and includes consulting in the areas of marketing, business goals and auditioning skills.?As actors, not only are we artists but we are also business owners. And no business could survive without a solid business plan, savvy marketing, and effective follow through.?That's why we are committed to helping actors learn the ins-and-outs of owning their acting business so that they can feel completely empowered on their career path. We provide optimistic, private coaching that is affordable, comprehensive and, above all, FUN!
      Location: New York City

      NY Actors’ Workshop - [RDL]
      Objective: The NEW YORK ACTOR’S WORKSHOP is comprised of a series of small classes and special events aimed at building the beginning actor’s technique and sharpening the skills of the experienced actor. NYAW offers classes designed to help actors of any level of experience, film/theater directors, playwrights, screenwriters, and anyone else interested in exploring the human condition through performance.
      Location: New York City

      Way Off Broadway - [RDL]
      Objective: Maintaining an atmosphere of disciplined fun, Way Off Broadway offers a variety of classes for children grades Pre-K through 12th. The program includes acting, singing, vocal production, movement, improvisation, audition/monologue, on-camera, sound studio and scene study. The Way Off Broadway approach combines classic theatrical skill-building, creative thinking and group participation. Ongoing classes culminate in a spring performance which the students create with the faculty. FREE trial class!
      Location: Merrick - Manhasset - Garden City - Huntington - Plainview

      The Broadway Workshop - [RDL]
      Objective: NYC acting school for young artists. Offering- Workshops (w/Broadway Stars), Agent Showcases, Private coaching and full scale productions with our ON STAGE program.
      Location: New York

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