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    A comprehensive guide to California Acting Schools. Find the Acting School right for you!

    Top Five Schools

    Acting Corps, North Hollywood, CA - [ CLICK HERE to request our package ]
    Famous for The Actors' Boot Camp (a kick ass, 4 week, daily Meisner intensive). The Acting Corps makes sure you act every day for at least 90 minutes. Our faculty has taught Leo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, and Margaret Cho. Check it out!

    Acting School Los Angeles - [ Email Us ]
    The Young Actor's Studio offers a full conservatory day or a choice of classes for young actors in three separate age groups ranging from 4-21, and a new adult acting class. Comedy Improv, Acting for the Camera, Acting Technique, scene study, and productions, including new original commissioned plays at The NoHo Actors' Studio in North Hollywood. The Young Actor develops a solid technique that he or she can take into any medium, be it stage, screen, TV or film. The Faculty includes, Andrew Shafer, Megan Adell, Tory Christopher, Michelle Snyder, guests Artists and the Artistic Director, Jeff Alan-Lee, a former child actor himself, 15-year veteran child acting teacher and former six-year Strasberg faculty member. Jeff's students include Scarlett Johansson and Shia Labeouf.

    Jason Bennett Actor's Workshop
    The Jason Bennett Actor's Workshop provides award-winning, intense training for film, television and theater. Jason Bennett was Runner-Up for Best Acting Coach in New York in 2010. Merely entertaining an audience is not enough, we train actors and singers to give performances remembered for a life-time. Imagine audience members feeling alive again experiencing the magic and mystery of your amazing performance. This requires a deep commitment to artistry. Our New York Acting School is a home for beginner and advanced professional New York Actors and Musical Theater performers. We offer a One Year Program, Classes, Workshops and Private Coaching.

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    [$100.00 per month - 1 Year Block]

    Thespian Net does not guarantee the validity of schools. It is up to you to do the research.

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      Ken Lerner Studio - [RDL]
      Objective: Ken brings his experiences as a working actor to the acting classes he has taught for more than 12 years. When not working in films such as The Story Of Us, Unlawful Entry and Senseless, and TV shows such as Judging Amy, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Chicago Hope, NYPD Blue, E.R., the Drew Carey Show and Dharma and Greg, Ken coaches and inspires actors, helping them get films, TV shows and pilots. Ken uses methods culled from his own acting experiences as well as his own teachers: Stella Adler, Peggy Feury and Roy London, who handpicked Ken as his first student teacher.
      Location: Los Angeles

      California Theatre Arts - [RDL]
      Objective: The mission of California Theatre Arts is to provide the highest quality comprehensive program available in the performing arts. Our goal is to offer productions and classes in a professional and positive atmosphere where both amateur and career performers can gain a sound technical basis and performing experience in all aspects of theatre and dance.
      Location: Walnut Creek

      Stella Adler Academy Of Acting - [RDL]
      Objective: The two year program is a certificate program. Each year includes three 12-week sessions and a summer session. Classes are offered during the day and evening. A full time course load consists of four classes per semester. The two-year program prepares the student for the competitive challenge that awaits him in the acting profession by providing the student with a technique to develop and strengthen his craft.
      Location: Hollywood

      InStone Actors Studio - [RDL]
      Objective: The Instone Actors Studio System is an organic and innovative approach to teaching the craft of acting. The strength of the approach is that it is entirely tailored and focused on training the individual as opposed to delivering a general "system" to a group. The claim and result of this new method is to succeed in developing strong, independent and free-spirited artists in charge of themselves and their craft.
      Location: Hollywood - Tarzana - Santa Barbara

      UCLA - [RDL]
      Objective: UCLA's department of film and television offers programs of study in the history and theory as well as the creative and technical aspects of the moving image. The department provides a scholarly, creative and professional approach to the study of both media and seeks to help each student discover his or her powers as an independent artist and communicator.
      Location: Brentwood [Los Angeles]

      East Bay Improv - [RDL]
      Objective: Their workshops are fun and a surprisingly easy way to become more self-confident, creative, spontaneous and develop your acting potential. Learning to be a great improviser is helpful in daily life, personal and business as well as on the stage. Meet new people in a warm supportive environment.
      Location: Berkeley

      American Conservatory Theatre - [RDL]
      Objective: American Conservatory Theater is one of the nation's leading resident professional theaters and the recipient of a Tony Award for outstanding theater performance and training. At the heart of A.C.T. is one of the most acclaimed actor training institutions in the nation. Celebrated former students include Denzel Washington, Annette Bening, and Winona Ryder.
      Location: San Francisco

      Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute - [RDL]
      Objective: Lee Strasberg, legendary teacher of acting, was a man of great vision, responsible for the tradition of artistic truth and reality in acting that began in America over 50 years ago. The dream lives on. At the "The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute", his concepts are taught to the serious actor of today.
      Location: Los Angeles

      TVI Actors Studio - [RDL]
      Objective: In the course of a decade, TVI has grown to be well-respected by industry authorities and working actors alike in both New York and Los Angeles. Constantly looking for new ways to offer services needed by actors developing their careers is why TVI Actors Studio is the nation's premiere center for professional actors.
      Location: Los Angeles

      Angel Flight Theatre Instructions - [RDL]
      Objective: What makes AFTI so unique is its sincere devotion and commitment to what it knows best: theatre arts. Today, many acting programs are short term enterprises that sacrifice artistic integrity for quick profits. AFTI’S goal has always been to provide quality training at an affordable price, for all, without ever jeopardizing artistic quality. Another reason AFTI is truly unique is its experience in dealing with all cross sections and walks of life: from the inner-city of Long Beach to the suburbs of West Covina, AFTI’s aim is to work with the best talent.
      Location: Hollywood area

      The Actors Workshop / Laguana or North Hollywood - [RDL]
      Objective: This highly respected film/television workshop is Orange County's oldest film acting program. The Actors Workshop was founded in Hollywood in the early 1970's and later moved to its current Laguna Hills location. Under the direction of film actor Rob Adams, the classes are conducted at all levels from beginner through advanced in a state of the art broadcast TV studio. Along with film actor and founder R.J. Adams, workshops are offered in audition techniques, cold readings, on-camera scene work and weekly showcases with major L.A. casting directors. Classes are twice weekly for each level.
      Location: Laguna Hills

      The Art of Acting / Breaking Into Acting for Dummies / Acting: Make It Your Business
      An Agent Tells All / The Ultimate Audition Book / Acting Is Everything

      Screen Actors Studio - [RDL]
      Objective: Training professional actors for Film, TV and Commercials. On camera classes for kids, teenagers and adults at "Westside Casting". Agent Showcases and Casting Director Workshops help students break into the "biz".
      Location: Los Angeles

      California Institute Of The Arts - [RDL]
      Objective: This campus is a magnet for studio talent scouts. This film/video school offers three programs: Experimental Animation, Fildm and Video, and Film Directing.
      Location: Valencia [45 minutes North of Los Angeles]

      San Francisco State University - [RDL]
      Objective: Low-budget, independent filmmaking is the specialty at this school. First year students make a short 16 mm film. The next year, several short projects are followed by such assignments as making a film inspired by Plato's allegory of the cave. Each student must draft a personal manifesto, and many experiment with other art forms.
      Location: San Francisco

      University of Southern California - [RDL]
      Objective: USC offers specialized programs in producing, screenwriting and production. In the first year all students make five short films; in the second year, students team up for a "crew" project, which in turn is pitched to the faculty. If selected, USC finances the final product.
      Location: Los Angeles

      Playhouse West - [RDL]
      Objective: Playhouse West is both a school for actors and a Repertory Theater which serves as a training ground for actors, directors, and writers. All Playhouse West productions are acted and directed exclusively by those trained here and many of the plays in our repertory are written by our own members.
      Location: Hollywood

      American Academy of Dramatic Arts - [RDL]
      Objective: An actor's talent, it's been said, begins in the soles of the feet and ends in a spirit that can vault beyond the stars. The American Academy of Dramatic Arts has been serving that talent for over a hundred years. It has trained more actors for professional careers than any other school in the United States. Many of them have been honored for their contributions to theatre, film and television.
      Location: Hollywood

      Actors Center - [RDL]
      Objective: The Actors Center is an ongoing professional scene study class taught by Michael Butler. We are located in Los Angeles, California. Our website is designed to give people information about the art of acting, and also serves as an online brochure for our classes.
      Location: Los Angeles

      David Kagen's School of Film Acting - [RDL]
      Objective: David Kagen has been teaching for over 35 years, having worked with such actors as Alec Baldwin, Robin Wright-Penn, and Ted Danson. There is a maximum of 12 people in each of his classes and you work twice on-camera every single class. You get videotaped each time you work, and you take your tape home with you to watch after class. All the on-camera classes are 2-camera video classes and you're videotaped on a split screen so that when you watch your tape you can see yourself and your partner. That's very important because one of the things critical to all acting, and especially film acting, is that you see what's going on with your partner emotionally and you respond emotionally to what you see. David uses a book called ON ACTING by Sanford Meisner as a textbook. He doesn't teach the Meisner Technique and doesn't do Meisner exercises. Instead, he does everything with scripts. The skills he's trying to teach are the same skills Meisner talks about in his book. That is, that the heart your talent comes from your instincts. And that in addition to playing off your partner emotionally, what you're supposed to do is bare your soul. You're supposed to reveal the most personal, private feelings you have in the course of doing a scene.
      Location: Studio City

      Jeffrey Marcus Acting Class - [RDL]
      Objective: Jeffery's goal is to help actors find what's behind the words and bring the behavior and soul of the character to the work. There are tools, if you feel not quite "the part" but like you're just saying words, to help you meld your life with that of the person you're playing. He works practically for the demands of the actor in Los Angeles. He has taught for eleven years and has worked with actors on films and television series. As an actor, he has starred on Broadway, had a TV series, been in feature films and TV movies. Free class audits available. Actors may contact Jeffery through his website or at 323-965-9392.
      Location: Los Angeles in the pico/fairfax area

      Dell'Arte - [RDL]
      Objective: Dell'Arte is the American center for the exploration and development of physical performance, attracting students and audiences from all over the world, and sending productions around the region, the country, and the globe. Their facility in Blue Lake, California is home to an internationally acclaimed touring company, a full-time professional actor-creator training program, summer workshops, a Bali residential program, original performances by resident and guest theatre artists and an innovative arts in education program.
      Location: Blue Lake

      Studio Actreel - [RDL]
      Objective: It is our sincere desire to inspire actors to actively embrace their own passion for the art and craft of acting that has brought them to us in the first place. At the core of this work is the actor’s willingness to take risks and allow spontaneity to supersede analysis. The focus of the training is a balance between Scene Work and Improvisation, a vital skill for actors auditioning and performing in Feature Films and Television.
      Location: Toluca Lake

      Theatre Group Studio - [RDL]
      Objective: Training in the Stanislavski method for actors, directors and writers.
      Location: Los Angeles in the SoRo district

      Mime Theatre Studio - [RDL]
      Objective: In the only public, ongoing, weekly mime class in Los Angeles, Lorin Eric Salm teaches actors, dancers, and comedians how to "make the invisible visible," using the body to express thought and emotion, and to physicalize the actor's interaction with his environment. Salm is a 3-year graduate of the Marcel Marceau Paris International School of Mimodrama, and has been teaching for over 12 years, including work for Disney and DreamWorks Animation studios, Ford and Reebok television commercials, and feature films.
      Location: North Hollywood

      Chas School of Film and Television - [RDL]
      Objective: A professional actors studio geared for getting its students work in film, television, theater, commercials and modeling. We offer the finest on-camera, scene-monologue, auditioning and "the business" courses.
      Location: Belmont

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